Blow Drys

Wash & Blow-dry (To Chin Length) €24.00

Wash & Blow-dry (To Shoulder Length) €26.00

Curly Blow-dry  €35.00

Wash & Blow-dry with Extensions €35.00

Style Director Cut & Blow Dry

Style Director Cut & Blow Dry (To Chin Length) €37.00

Style Director Cut & Blow Dry (To Shoulder Length) €39.00

Style Director Restyle & Blow Dry From €49.00

Colour ( Wella )

Style Director Cut & Permanent Colour From €79.00

Style Director Cut & Semi Colour From €75.00

Style Director Permanent Colour & Blow Dry From €59.00

Style Director Semi Colour & Blow Dry From €55.00

Style Director Cut & Balayage From €90.00

Style Director Balayage & Blow Dry From €70.00


Style Director Full Head & Cut (To Chin Length) €99.00

Style Director Full Head & Cut (To Shoulder Length) €120.00

Style Director Half Head & Cut (To Chin Length) €75.00

Style Director Half Head & Cut (To Shoulder Length) €85.00

Style Director T-Bar & Cut €80.00

Style Director T-Bar & Blow Dry €65.00


Up Styling From €45.00

Down Styling From €35.00

GHD Curls From €30.00

Under 16’s Styling From €35.00


Full OLAPLEX €30.00

Semi De Lino €19.00

Kléral Botox €25.00

 Joico K-Pax €19.00


Imagine if you could prevent your hair from breaking and repair damaged strands by linking the bonds back together again? Well the Holy Grail has happened. It’s thanks to a treatment called OLAPLEX and it’s got nothing to do with big hair brands selling you stuff and everything to do with science.” – Cosmopolitan

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