Gold Elixir Semi de Lino Magic Fluid 100ml

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5.00 out of 5

The first 12 Wonder unique ANTI-AGE gold fluid for young hair Light Liquid Crystals

Leave-In Conditioning Serum – No Rinse-Off – No Oily Texture – Smoothing & Anti-Age Action – Detangling & Nourishing – Fits for dry & frizzy hair – Very Special for spoiled split ends

  1. Light Anti-Aging Liquid Crystals
  2. Illuminating Shine
  3. Glossy
  4. Protective
  5. Restructuring
  6. Detangling
  7. Hydrating
  8. Nourishing
  9. Softening
  10. Volumising
  11. Anti-Frizz
  12. Anti-Split Ends


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1 review for Kleral Italy Gold Elixir Semi de Lino Magic Fluid 100ml

  1. Dave Roe

    Cathy o sullivan

    My stylist put this product in my hair after I had highlights, and it made it so soft, smooth and silky and did not knot up even after a day of not washing it, and I have curly hair that knots up and frizzes easily. The first selling point however was the smell! It smells just wonderful! and has a very addicting scent to it. So between the smell and the way it works, I just love it.

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